Focus: Relationship
Event: Assumption
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Opening Prayer: Invite a member of the BEC to say the opening prayer, then pray together the Prayer to the Holy Spirit


Come, Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful.
And kindle in them the fire of your love.
Send forth your Spirit and they shall be created.
And you will renew the face of the earth.
by the light of the Holy Spirit
you have taught the hearts of your faithful.
In the same Spirit
help us to relish what is right
and always rejoice in your consolation.
Come and remain in us, O Holy Spirit
enlighten us to reflect, share and live God’s Word
in our daily encounter with You, O Lord.
We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Introduction: We need not fear because God is with us. He has established a relationship with us. We can relate with Mary because these are also the words spoken to her by the Angel. Pope Francis says, “Be not afraid, for I am with you”. Let us communicate hope and trust in our time.

Opening Hymn: Just a Closer Walk with Thee (SYPG N.38)

Chorus: Just a closer walk with thee
Grant it, Jesus is my plea;
Daily walking close to thee
Let it be, dear Lord, Let it be.

1. I am weak but Thou art strong
Jesus, keep me from all wrong;
I’ll be satisfied as long as
I walk, dear Lord, Close to thee.

2. Through this world of toil and snares
If I falter, Lord; who cares;
Who, with me, my burden shares
None but Thee, dear Lord, None but Thee.

Reflection of hope in the event of Assumption
Our Lady’s whole life on earth was a journey of hope. Mary relied totally on the promises of God. She was not exempted from temptation. Her hope was tested far beyond anything, which we will have to undergo but Mary was faithful till the end.
In Mary, God has indeed “lifted up the lowly (LK 1:52)” and all are called to follow her example of humble, obedient love and unshakable fidelity so that like her, all may rejoice in the eternal life of the Triune God. Mary’s Assumption is the sign of hope for all who belong to the Body of Christ by baptism. “Death will not have the last word. God will not leave our soul among the dead, nor will he let his beloved know decay (Psalm 16:10)”
If we let ourselves be taken care of by God and having the hope that we belong to Christ, then we can freely love like Mary who is mother of hope. As we contemplate the mystery of Mary’s Assumption, may we confidently pray with her expressing our hope that, one day we will join her and her son in the glory of beatific vision. So, let us not look at the circumstances that confront us, but look to the promises of hope in the work of Christ.
Buzz with the person next to you. Buzz a second time with another person
1) How can you be a person of hope like Mary?
2) How do we give support and encouragement to those who need hope in their life?

Biblical Text: Deut 31:8
1. Read the text two or three times
2. Be in silence with the text – read silently on your own
3. What words or phrase caught your attention? Write it down
4. (Choose only one from #3): What is the Holy Spirit saying to you? Write it down
5. Share in small groups (3-4 persons) on #3 and #4

Imitating Mary, Our Mother of Hope, we build relationships with one another. In what area of relationship with family members do you want to imitate Mary, our Mother of Hope? What do we as a community want to do in sharing love and bringing hope to those who are in need?

Closing Prayer: Invite someone to say the concluding prayer.

Closing Hymn: Be with us Mary
No man can live as island;
Journey through life alone;
Since we are most loved by a mother
Jesus gave us his own
Be with us Mary along the Way
Guide every step we take
Lead us to Jesus your loving son;
Come with us Mary, come
When Jesus met with rejection,
Mary stood by the Cross;
How can a mother desert her Son?
She will also stand by us

Food for the Journey:
(Let Mary accompany us in our journey of evangelisation)
Church Document Evangelii Gaudium, The Joy of The Gospel, no. 287
We ask the Mother of the living Gospel to intercede that this invitation to a new phase of evangelization will be accepted by the entire ecclesial community.
Mary is the woman of faith, who lives and advances in faith, [214] and “her exceptional pilgrimage of faith represents a constant point of reference for the Church”. [215] Mary let herself be guided by the Holy Spirit on a journey of faith towards a destiny of service and fruitfulness.
Today we look to her and ask her to help us proclaim the message of salvation to all and to enable new disciples to become evangelizers in turn. [216]
Along this journey of evangelization we will have our moments of aridity, darkness and even fatigue. Mary herself experienced these things during the years of Jesus’ childhood in Nazareth: “This is the beginning of the Gospel, the joyful good news.
However, it is not difficult to see in that beginning a particular heaviness of heart, linked with a sort of night of faith – to use the words of Saint John of the Cross – a kind of ‘veil’ through which one has to draw near to the Invisible One and to live in intimacy with the mystery.
And this is the way that Mary, for many years, lived in intimacy with the mystery of her Son, and went forward in her pilgrimage of faith”. [217]


“Diocesan Option of 4E Catholics with
Church, as a Communion of Families” and BECS Biblical Text – Luke 4:17-21 & John 13:1-16 BECs function in dynamic ways by:
Building Relationships – We are ENCOUNTERED by Christ in our BEC family neighbourhood gatherings
Entering into Dialogue – We are ENLIGHTENED by the Word of God
Commissioning by Christ – We are EMPOWERED by what the Holy Spirit is saying to us
Serving in Solidarity – We partake in EVANGELISNG as Disciples of Christ in hope and joy



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