CHOICE is about the CHOICEs we make in our life. It is about the relationships we have with others, around us and how we choose to communicate with and belong to them.

CHOICE is about creating an awareness and rediscovering our sense of belonging with our family, friends and GOD.

CHOICE is about the consequences that come from the decisions we make in answer to the question “Do I want to belong?”

CHOICE is about realizing the complexity and specialness in each individual – how despite our differences in character and abilities, we complement each other through our uniqueness.

CHOICE is about discovering our calling/vocation, purpose and mission in life.

CHOICE is about CHRIST, the centre of the CHOICE Weekend Experience Programme.

CHOICE is about community, journeying together as companions along the road of our lives.

CHOICE is about accepting the challenge to go M.A.D (Make a Difference) for the Lord and in the lives of others : To Know, To Love and To Serve.

What is CHOICE Weekend?

CHOICE is an out-reach program for Single Adults. This out-reach presents in a positive way what belonging in a relationship is, the consequences and the conditions of belonging and bring them to face the question “Do YOU want to BELONG?”. This stimulating experience in personal relationship seeks to impart a sense of belonging, mission and purpose in life.

The CHOICE Weekend is a weekend retreat program for single adults from the age of 21 to about 35. Participants would need to free themselves from all commitments during the weekend and during these 48hrs, there’ll be time for discussion, prayer, music, reflection, sharing and rediscovering relationships and with one’s self. This weekend is informal and the atmosphere in Catholic in orientation.

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