The Youth office of the Diocese is known as Penang Diocesan Youth Network(PDYN), and is located at the second floor of Pusat Keusukupan Katolik.

The Director for PDYN is Fr. Simon Anand.

Presently, there are One organisations that comes under PDYN:

PDYN has its Website and Facebook Group, of which you can obtain full information. Please click here to visit the web site and here to visit the group.

PDYN’s contact:

Pusat Keuskupan Katolik

Level 2,

290 Jalan Macalister,

10450 Penang

Website :


Rev Father Simon Anand

Youth Coordinator

Daniel Roy Santiago

Dennis Hew Wooi Seong 

Jason Tioh


Crietel Eviany Philip

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Marlinda Marcus