About Us

The Diocese of Penang covers the following five states in Peninsular Malaysia:

  • Perlis
  • Kedah
  • Penang
  • Kelantan
  • Perak

There are 29 parishes in our Diocese, which come under three Deaneries (Island, North, Perak).

Statistical Summary

(Source: Catholic Directory and Ordo of Malaysia-Singapore-Brunei 2013)

Approximate total population 6,876,000
Estimate Catholic population/td> 65,050
Parishes 28
Chapels & out-stations 71
Baptism (Infants – under 7) 875
Adults 732
Religious Sisters 82
Religious Brothers 9
Seminarians (1 Pastoral Year/Regency) 3

The Diocese under Catholic Hierarchy website.

Full Diocesan profile, at Union Catholic Asian News (UCAN).website.


The Diocese of Penang’s headquarters is known as ‘Pusat Keusukupan Katolik’ (Catholic Diocesan Centre), or in short PKK. It is a huge 4-storey grey building located at 290 Macalister Road (right side of road).

PKK is sandwhiched between Wisma Katolik on its left and the Purple House (Barkath Stores owner) on its right. Diagonally opposite PKK is the YMCA (on your left), and a few metres after PKK, is the Island Hospital (on your right).

The road where PKK is located is a one-way street. You will enter it via Perak Road or Anson Road. As you enter, keep right… and go slow as PKK is nearby. First, you’ll see a car workshop, then the Penang First Assembly of God church and next to it is the Wisma Katolik. PKK is next to Wisma Katolik.