Penang State -

Creation Justice Commission

Following the call of Pope Francis for Laudato Si, we promote simple living, and support to protect our common home.   We cultivate ecological conversion to the community by sharing information, connecting resources and expertise, and hope to reach out to more people by utilizing multimedia technology.


For any enquiries, you can email directly to the following contact for the areas you are interested or in general you can contact You may also contact your church’s Ministry of Creation Justice/Care for God’s Creation to link up with us.

Green Home Programme

Magdalene Chiang

Compost & Enzyme

Make Baskets from Aluminium Coffee Sachets

Laudato Si Training/ Workshop

Make your own soap

Eco Cafe & Eco Catering

Vincent Yong

water saving


Energy saving tips

LAUdato si movement

Laudato Si
Action PlatforM