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Penang Diocesan

New Evangelization Commission

Penang Diocesan New Evangelization Commission Logo

Spiritual Advisor - Fr Michael Raymond OFM Cap

Head - Mr Simon Wong
Secretary - Ms Jeanne J Saw
Treasurer - Mr Daniel Goon
Formation - Mr Iruthaya Das Arulanadam

The Penang Diocesan New Evangelization Commission is dedicated to promoting on-going faith formation and evangelization programs with authentic spirituality to develop a mission mentality among Catholics by adopting a mind-set of

creativity, inclusivity and bridge-building.

Prayer for Healing


August Prayer for Healing sessions are now open for registration. Register using the following link:

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为此: 你们求,必要给你们; 你们找,必要找着; 你们敲,必要给你们开。(玛7:7)

如果您本身或亲友们有需要 (经过讨论并获得他们的同意后),请点击下面的链接为自己或他们填写吧。



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Prayer for Healing

Do you have any prayer needs?

Come and receive God's mercy and healing.

There will be intercessory prayer rooms

on Zoom with complete privacy where

ministers will intercede for you.

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Starting soon on 29th June/ 1st July. Choice of Tuesday evenings or Thursday mornings. 11 sessions on Zoom. Come deepen your prayer life with Psalms.

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"Go therefore and make disciples of all nations..."

Matthew 28:19