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Catechetical Sunday | 30 JAN 2022 - "Family Life: A Path to Holiness"

Dear All,

Greetings to you! Please find attached several documents pertaining to Catechetical Sunday 30 JAN 2022 - "Family Life: A Path to Holiness", for your kind perusal. Attached Documents: 1. Cover Letter (by His Grace, Archbishop Julian Leow Beng Kim) 2. Catechetical Sunday Message in English (by Dr Steven Selvaraju) 3. ^ Translation into Chinese (by Ms Mary Huang) 4. ^ Translation into Tamil (by Dr Steven Selvaraju) 5. ^ Translation into Bahasa Malaysia (by Sr Dariah Ajap) 6. Text for Commissioning / Recommitment Service in English, BM, Tamil and Chinese 7. Catechetical Sunday Poster (by Ms Teresa Ng)

Thanking all those involved in the assistance of these materials as we pray for all individuals, parish communities, catechists, and families in nurturing the Catholic Faith. Best regards, Bishop's Office

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