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Novena to the Holy Spirit | Book I & II

Dear All,

Greetings to you!

In a spirit of sharing, Bishop Emeritus Anthony Lee from the Diocese of Miri has compiled a Novena to the Holy Spirit (Book I & Book II) as attached covers.

These books are available in English, Chinese, Iban & Bahasa Malaysia.

Book I - Provides general information and offers three (3) Rites of Novena for: personal, family and church use.

Book II - Contains nine (9) talks on a given topic, one talk for each day.

These books offer a sample of the Novena to the Holy Spirit previously conducted in Miri Diocese during his tenure.

This year the Novena starts from Ascension Thursday (26 May 2022) and ends on Pentecost Sunday (5 June 2022).

Hence his humble contribution towards the promotion of this set of books at this grace-filled time.

He has ready copies which are open for orders at a cost price of RM8.00/set.

Orders can be placed directly at the following email address:

Best regards,

Bishop's Office

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