FOCUS: Kingly
Event : Migrant Sunday
“The fundamental rights of all human beings, especially the most vulnerable, must be respected and protected in every situation”, Pope Francis said, (marking Human Rights Day Dec 10, 2018). We the baptized must care for migrants in our midst.

Opening prayer (Led by one of the BEC members)
OPENING HYMN: God is Love (D 10)
Love it was that made us,
And it was love that saved us,
Love was God’s plan when He made man,
God’s divine nature is love.
Born of God’s love we must love Him,
That’s why He made us : to love Him,
But only when we love all men
Can we partake of God’s love.
But only when we love all men
Can we partake of God’s love.

  1. Love is a wonderful thing,
    Joy in our hearts it will bring.
    Where there’s true love there is God,
    And where there’s God there is Love.
  2. Christ said : “Love must be the sign
    By which men will know you for ‘Mine’
    A new commandment I give :
    Each other love as I did.”

(Pope Francis, Human Rights Day Dec 10, 2018)
“I cannot forget all those who are subjected to multiple violations of their fundamental rights in their tragic context of armed conflict while the unscrupulous merchants of death get rich of the price of their brothers and sisters’ blood.”
“Everyone is called to play his or her part, ‘with courage and determination’ to stop those ongoing violations of basic human rights and promote respect for the fundamental rights of every person, ‘especially those who are ‘invisible,’ those who are hungry, thirsty, naked, sick, foreign or detained, those who live on the margins of society or are rejected”.

Reflection: What does the saying above of Pope Francis mean to you? Share with one another.

Deuteronomy 31:7-8
1) READ the text aloud and LISTEN with openness.
2) READ it silently by yourself until a word or phrase touches or strikes you.
3) What do you say to the Lord in response to his Word?
4) Share in small groups (3-4 persons)

Since our baptism calls us to be at the service of others, therefore, as an individual, family and BEC, how can we help the migrants in our midst? Share in the large group

Closing Prayer: by another member of the BEC
CLOSING HYMN: God is dwelling in my Heart (J 45)
God is dwelling in my heart
He and I are one
All his joy He gives to me
Through Christ His son
And with Jesus in my heart
What have I to fear?
For He is the Son of God
In my heart He is near

  1. Christians who are baptized
    Have you ever realized?
    This great mystery
    God dwells in you and me
  2. This joy God gave to you
    Share it then, with others too,
    Tell them that God is Love
    Lift their hearts above.



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